CONICYT Anillo ACT1107, 2013-2016. (IP)
Integration of structural biology to the development of bionanotechnology.

FONDECYT Regular 1130437, 2013-2017. (Co-I)
Study of impurities, complex defects, and grain boundaries in CdTe thin films using computer simulations at the atomic scale.

FONDECYT Regular 1090489, 2009-2013. (IP)
Theoretical investigation of nanoscale catalysts based on metallic nanoparticles and metallomacrocycle complexes.

CONICYT Anillo ACT24, 2007-2010. (IP)
Computer simulation laboratory of nanomaterials and biological systems.

AFOSR-USA, 2007-2010. (Co-I)
Thermophysical modeling of novel machinable ceramic materials.

FONDECYT Regular 1050197, 2005-2009. (IP)
The interaction of carbon nanotubes with molecules and solids: A theoretical study.

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